Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

We will do our best to assist and comfort you through the process ahead.

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We understand that grief is highly personal

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one, due to someone else's negligence or intentional act, there is simply nothing that we can say that will take away your pain. We understand that grief is highly personal. And, depending upon where you are in the grieving process, the last thing that you might be thinking about is how to hold the responsible party liable for the loss of your loved one. When you are ready, however, to talk about how we might help, we are here for you.   

Wrongful death claims in Montana are complex and complicated. They should be handled by attorneys who understand the various factors involved in pursuing and resolving these claims. These claims are not about "putting a price tag" on your loved one's life. They need to be handled in a compassionate and careful manner, one which considers both your emotional needs, as well as your need for justice. For various reasons, these claims often require litigation up to and through trial. Trial may be the only effective way to receive the compensation that you deserve. However, some families seek a solution short of trial, as they do not want to undergo the mental and emotional anguish of relieving their loved one's death in front of a jury. We make it our singular priority, at Meridian Law, to do what YOU want. What is best for you and your family. To discuss all of your options, whether it be settlement or trial of your claims, and to work towards an outcome that is best for your unique healing process. 

We can talk with you about how long you have to determine the best approach for you and your family. We can educate you on amounts of monetary settlements and jury verdicts that we have seen throughout the State of Montana, so that you can appropriately evaluate what you should do. We can save you the time and energies of working with an adverse insurance company, since that is the last thing you should be dealing with while you grieve. And, whether you choose to pursue a claim now, later, or never, we are here to discuss your options and support you in your grief journey.

Know that you are not alone, as you navigate these difficult waters. We will do our best to assist and comfort you through the process ahead.