We hope that the following resources assist you in making decisions regarding your particular legal dispute.

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the world wide web can provide misleading


We live in a digital age in which we have access to endless information with the simple click of a mouse or keystroke.   We know that individuals seeking legal representation might need to gather preliminary information to guide them in their decision-making process. We also know, as seasoned attorneys, that the world wide web can provide misleading, inaccurate, or incomplete information.

Therefore, we list below some of the trusted online resources that we believe you can utilize in educating yourself on legal issues.  We suggest that you refer to these links with the full understanding that they lack unique information applicable to your particular claim, and therefore, your best approach is always to consult with experienced Legal Counsel. However, to the extent that they may be helpful to you, we hope that the following resources assist you in making decisions regarding your particular legal dispute.    

Montana Human Rights Bureau

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

US Courts for the Ninth Circuit

Montana Legal Services Association

State Bar of Montana

Montana Legal Resources

the best possible legal representation 


While we hope we are able to be your advocate, we also realize that, for various reasons, we may not be able to represent you in your legal dispute. 

There are some areas of practice in which we do not specialize, and therefore, we do not offer these services to our clients. Our focus is in providing the best possible legal representation to someone, and where we do not specialize in a particular area of the law, we believe you are best served by having other competent legal representation. 

Some of these areas of law include criminal defense, DUI and impaired driving, probate and estate matters, tax advice and litigation, bankruptcy, civil defense for businesses and insurance companies, and trust formation/management.  

While we do not practice in these particular areas of law, we believe everyone deserves the best legal representation. It can be difficult choosing a competent attorney, and we can assist you in making that choice.  Our law firm has relationships with many other qualified attorneys, and we are happy to provide you a referral to one of these attorneys.

In addition, for reasons that might be personal to you, you may decide that our law firm is not "the right fit" to represent you. We respect that. We believe that clients need to feel fully-comfortable with the law firm that they choose. Therefore, we are happy to help you find the attorney and/or law firm that is best for you.    

Our commitment as a law firm is in helping when we can. While we might not be the "right choice" for you, or we do not practice in a particular area of the law, we can direct you to qualified legal professionals. 

Give us a call, or send us a message, and we will provide you a referral.