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insurance comp. are not acting in your best interest

Vehicular Injury

When you have experienced the tragic event of a motor vehicle accident, you need an experienced attorney that will help you recover and rebuild. At Meridian Law, we have handled many motor vehicle accident claims. We are familiar with how to maximize your recovery, and we know how to deal effectively with insurance companies. 

You might be in a situation where an insurance company is pushing you to settle your claim. However, we encourage you to remember that insurance companies are not acting in your best interest. Their singular goal is maximizing profits, settling claims quickly and for the least value, and minimizing your recovery. Having our firm fighting on your behalf will undoubtedly ensure that you receive what you are entitled to.  

Under Montana law, you may receive monetary damages for past/present medical expenses, future medical expenses, loss of income, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and other damages. You may be entitled to compensation from more than one source, including your own health insurance and any liable party's coverage. We highly encourage you not to consider resolving a claim until you have consulted with an experienced attorney, and we would be honored to assist you in evaluating and resolving your claim. Don't wait to contact us, as time limitations exist which may preclude you from receiving the just compensation you deserve.  

In motor vehicle accident cases, an injured party often needs the help of expert witnesses to establish various factors involved in the accident, such as speed at the time of impact, visibility on the roadway, and driver impairment. In addition, expert witnesses can be critical in proving damages, as the right expert witness can help establish your need for future medical care, loss of future earnings, and various other damages. At Meridian Law, we are experienced in working with many types of expert witnesses. We know who to call to assist us in establishing your claim. Access to and knowledge of credible expert witnesses can completely change the valuation of your claim, so hiring the right attorney to help you is essential. Contact us to discuss how we may best resolve your motor vehicle accident claim.