Our Name.

We believed a different approach more reflects our law firm's philosophy.

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Our legal practice is not about us

Our Name

You may wonder why we chose the name Meridian Law. Most people are familiar with law firms based only upon attorneys' names, and more specifically, the attorneys that hold "ownership" in a firm. We believed a different approach more reflects our law firm's philosophy. Our legal practice is not about us. IT IS ABOUT YOU. We are not focused upon prestige and status, revenue and wealth. We do not seek out recognition or accolades. We are humbly grateful when our hard work is acknowledged, but titles, awards, and status is not what we are about.    

We are about you. We do not care whether our clients are rich or poor, what their social or ethnic background is, or where they come from. We are free of judgment. Because, we believe that everyone, no matter their background or circumstances, deserves the best legal representation possible. No one should be precluded from getting the help that they need.    

think of our services as your "Meridian." 

Our value system, developed from years of learning and growing, governs who we are.  

  • A Law Firm that Wants to Learn About You and Not Just Your Legal Problem.
  • A Law Firm that Both Gives Direction and Takes Direction.
  • A Law Firm Willing to Chart New Paths.
  • A Law Firm that Acknowledges When Things Can be Done Better.
  • And then Does them Better.
  • A Law Firm Always Focused Upon Moving Forward.

Our name represents these values. We believe it is as special and unique as the services we provide and the manner in which we provide them.

 "Meridian" is defined as a large imaginary circle that passes through two poles, particularly on a globe. It is used to navigate and provide direction. It is powerful in its invisible certainty.

You might be on an uncharted path. You might be unsure what direction to go. It might seem daunting and overwhelming. You probably feel alone.  But, we believe you have the courage to begin this journey. And, we will be here, every step of the way, compassionately helping you find direction, navigating whatever your future holds, committing to helping you reach your destination successfully.

We want you to think of our services as your "Meridian."