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If you have been hurt by an intoxicated person, you need our type of experience on your side.

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Liquor liability claims are difficult to litigate.

Liquor Liability/Dram Shop

At Meridian Law, we represent victims of drunk driving accidents and other serious alcohol-related mishaps to recover compensation under Montana's dram shop and liquor liability laws.  If you have been injured in a serious accident caused by someone who was over-served at a bar, restaurant, social club or private party, we can help.   

Under Montana law, it is illegal for anyone — including an individual entertaining in the privacy of his or her own home — to serve alcoholic beverages to a person who is already visibly intoxicated. Businesses, bartenders, other servers and so-called “social hosts” are obligated by law to avoid serving alcoholic beverages to intoxicated people.  If someone serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person and that person subsequently causes harm to himself or herself, to another person or to property, both the server and the establishment where the alcohol was served can be held financially liable for the harm caused.

In addition, if a person under the age of 21 is served alcohol, and a business did not conduct adequate due diligence to ensure that the person who they were serving was "of age," that business can be held liable for any resulting damage. 

Liquor liability claims are difficult claims to litigate. They require experienced legal counsel, who understand the complexities of these claims, as well as have access to qualified expert witnesses to help establish liability. At Meridian Law, we have handled high-profile liquor liability cases. One such case involved the death of an innocent passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. The case involved substantial liability and causation issues, as well as required expert testimony to establish intoxication on the part of the driver and knowledge by the businesses where the driver became intoxicated.  

If you have been hurt by an intoxicated person, you need our type of experience on your side. We can help you determine who the appropriate parties are to pursue recovery against, as well as the damages you are entitled to.