Child and Family Advocacy

If you have or know of a child in need of advocacy in the legal system, please call us.

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protect and serve children in our communities

Child Advocacy

Here at Meridian Law, we have a special interest in helping advocate for children. Our founding attorney, Michele Braukmann, grew up in the foster care system, and it is her passion to help children in need. We work to protect the rights of minors in cases involving divorce, child custody, neglect or abuse, and juvenile court proceedings.

Nelson Mandela once said: "History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children."  We passionately believe that, and we are proud of the work that we do to protect and serve children in our communities.  Some of the types of child advocacy matters we handle are:

  • Neglect or Abuse of a Minor
  • Contested Child Custody Proceedings
  • Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Visitation
  • Juvenile Court Proceedings

As child advocacy lawyers, we can be responsible for the following in representing a child:

  • Conducting Investigations
  • Participating in Court Proceedings and Negotiations
  • Obtaining Relevant Records Regarding a Child and Parents
  • Receiving Notice of Court Proceedings and Documents
  • Requesting Hearings
  • Presenting Evidence in Support of the Child
  • Determining and Presenting the Best Interests of the Child to the Court
  • Making Recommendations to the Court

In juvenile court proceedings, our attorney advocate will coordinate court services with community agencies and resources that provide assistance, as well as treatment programs for children in need of drug or alcohol abuse or other counseling. We can also serve as special education advocates, representing parents and children of special needs in issues concerning services and treatment by school districts to ensure that these children receive an appropriate public education as provided by law.

If you have or know of a child in need of advocacy in the legal system, please call us. We understand how important it is for a child to have the best representation to advocate on their behalf. Our commitment to a child in need is unwavering, and we will utilize all of our resources to ensure that every child is protected, safe, secure, and thriving in whatever environment they are in.