Meridian Law

We're a Law Firm that is Courageous, Compassionate, and Committed

At Meridian Law, we have one singular focus – to provide courageous, compassionate, and committed legal services. We have selectively chosen to only represent victims and advocate for victim rights. We specialize in claims involving discrimination and human rights, employer misconduct and wrongful discharge, sexual abuse and victim rights, child and family advocacy, personal injury and wrongful death, and mediation and alternative dispute resolution – because this is what we are passionate about.

We understand how difficult it is to navigate the complexities involved in any legal dispute. When you have been victimized, just getting through any given day can be a struggle. Advocating for your legal rights on your own is virtually impossible. That is when you need a strong and experienced law firm to fight on your behalf.  Meridian Law has two decades of legal experience, driven by our own personal and professional knowledge, to provide you the support you need. 

We don’t just bring our extensive legal skills to your dispute. We help equip you with courage to be strong in the face of your legal challenge. We are ourselves courageous on your behalf, not afraid to challenge the “status quo” or face difficult legal issues. We are compassionate, because we understand. We have “been there,” and we are dedicated to giving you the same level of service and compassion we ourselves would expect to receive. And, we are committed. We are committed to always put you, as our valued client, first. Above all. 

This is not just a business for us. Meridian Law was created out of the desire to give clients something different than the “traditional legal service.” To be both your counselor and advocate. To help you feel less alone as you navigate complicated waters. To always look out for what is best for you. To help you resolve conflict in a manner that makes you stronger, not weaker. To make sure you always know, no matter how difficult the circumstance might be, that we are always standing right next to you, available whenever you need, fighting for you. 

Michele was recommended to me by another attorney, now judge in Yellowstone County. At first I was a little nervous about dumping my family drama on a complete stranger, but lucky for me it was not drama to Michele, it was her job to take it in, digest it and help to resolve the problem. My situation was difficult for me and seemed like a really big deal as it involved, money, property and family. Michele, made it seem flawless and simple. She reassured me that I was well within the legal limits as to what I was pursuing. We did everything through email, which was time saving and very efficient. Michele was persistent, thorough and direct. She was professional and her follow up was always prompt. I would recommend Michele as an attorney in any situation. She is understanding and gets the job done. Terra Pierce